best lesbian books where no one dies
I joked about this in The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!) — and in The Toast post that prefaced the book — but A LOT of books, movies, and TV shows featuring queer characters die! There’s even a hashtag: #BuryYourGays. (For more on this not-very-subtle phenomenon, read this.) That said, there are SO MANY terrific […]

The 10 best lesbian books where no one dies!

A while back, a guy wrote in to my advice column, wondering how often anal sex led to pregnancy. My answer ended with a limerick: I once met a dude on the ‘net, who wrote to me very upset. When you ride the caboose and some sperm is knocked loose, a […]

Dating and sex advice in limerick form

Kelsey Beyer, my super-talented and amazing girlfriend, added some lesbian cat prints of images from our book on her Etsy shop  and you should buy them if… You love cats or art or queer women or tea or glasses or sex toys or sex generally or poetry or philosophy or kink or therapy or […]

Get this for your crush and then RUN AWAY

#148 “Like being pissed on?” An OkCupid girl asks. If so, urine luck. _________ #149 Butt sex is as likely to turn you gay as watching A Chorus Line. _________ #150 For the love of all that’s sacred: It’s called foreplay. Think outside my box! _________ #151 That witty Facebook […]

Haiku for Adulthood: Sexytime

Wit is fitting, yes, but can’t SOMEONE want me for my Macarena? ___________ Related: Super Happy Fun Trimwas Affirmative Acting Show me the Monae Head Games

Haiku for Adulthood #79