Haiku for Adulthood: Sexytime 2


“Like being pissed on?”

An OkCupid girl asks.

If so, urine luck.



Butt sex is as

likely to turn you gay as

watching A Chorus Line.



For the love of all

that’s sacred: It’s called foreplay.

Think outside my box!



That witty Facebook

comment took me 6 hours.

Can we bone now please?



I’d like to Freudian

slip my finger in your

Jung, supple body.



Jameson and standard

issue police handcuffs

don’t mix. Lesson learned.



The G-Spot is like

Mercantilism. I know

it exists. That’s it.



Reasons I’d probably

do you: Can pronounce Annie Proulx‘s

name. Handstands.



Do me a favor?

Never call yourself a

“malesbian” again.


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