This is in response to who’s coming to my last-minute going away party before leaving for India. LULZ.

I have the best friends

I was on the KFOG Morning Show yesterday, and like all things that require me to think on my feet, I’m not very satisfied with my answers. I mean, it was totally fun and fine, but now I find myself running over the questions I was asked and revising them […]

The Evolution of Mourning

#231 Facebook: Great social media tool, or one giant wedding album? _________ #232 Real is such a puny word. Give me the flinch of your hot, dry always. _________ #233 Don’t be gentle. I want your drugged moods, your black graphite, covering me. _________ #234 I trust only our Communion, […]

Haiku for Adulthood: Bitter, Sweet

I am so unmotivated today, I couldn’t even post a Facebook status update about how unmotivated I am. Also, last night I went to a public insemination ritual / performance art show / orgy and I’m probably the only one in the world who thought bringing their ex to that […]

Insemination rituals and such

I’ve been getting a lot of spam lately on the blog, which means I’ve made it as a blogger, probably. The comments are always inane and riddled with non-English spambot typos, but their “names” are often really amusing. For instance, High Waist Shorts wanted me to know, “You really inspired […]

High Waist Shorts Is Inspired

#172 You fucked me so hard I swore you were looking for my virginity. _________ #173 Every time I think I’m over you, Facebook puts you in Top News. _________ #174 (Missed Connection) Couldn’t hear most of what you said, but your British accent said “Soul Mate.” _________ #175 I’d […]

Haiku for Adulthood: Missed Connections