Secrets of the Female Orgasm Revealed! 7

Men’s Fitness has an ingenious guide for making a woman orgasm, or as they call it, “giving her the big one,” which is, essentially, to make her do it herself.

Encourage Her to Touch—Herself
“Take her hand and gently guide it to her clitoris. Clitoral stimulation during sex will significantly boost most women’s chances of reaching an orgasm.”

Way to delegate, Men’s Fitness. Although, if you really want her to orgasm, simply give her a vibrator and go watch ESPN. It’s win win.


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7 thoughts on “Secrets of the Female Orgasm Revealed!

  • Sarah from Chicago

    Well, to give Men's Fitness (tho I mean, really, Men's Fitness is giving sex advice? seriously?) it's due, if you think about it, they're saying that a woman has to do all the work, but the guy takes the credit.

    Which sounds remarkably like the rest of society 😉

    So, at least they're being consistent …

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  • pulley-whipped

    all the men's mags give sex advice and it's truly frightening. the only good one is esquire's stacy grenrock-woods and hers is a humor column.

    but, i suppose you're right about the consistency 🙂

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  • Adam R.

    When the hell did Men's Fitness become the sperm filled Cosmopolitan?

    What's next,an issue dedicated to penis extension? (not that I need it.)

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