Written in a journal, in Tucson International Airport, New Year’s Day, 2007. Emotion is from the Latin word, emovere, meaning “to disturb.” __________ Apparently I did write haiku before this little series got started. Almost four years ago, in fact. For therapy. Also, from that same journal, just for fun, […]

Haiku for Adulthood #101 and AA for spurned lovers

Remember that obnoxious 25 things about me meme that happened in 2009? Well, I just found mine. And I LOVE it. So I’m reposting. But don’t worry, I won’t “tag” anyone to do it also. Unless you want to. Then you can. Just tell ’em Sal sent you, look at […]

Do you need any help with your orgasms?

Clutching this 40 like it was you in my arms… was going too far. _________ I want a tattoo. Not for meaning — to feel a sense of permanence. _________ My love is selfish. I have the strength to act, but never to endure. _________ Related: Haiku for Adulthood #57-#61 […]

Haiku for Adulthood #76-#78

I’m stealing the title from Jami because it still makes me laugh. Short version of the story: She was drunk texting a dude and he asked if she was having a good time dancing and buying me lapdances from a 64-year-old stripper named Porsche who kept showing me her “peach […]

Super Happy Fun Trimwas

Ed. Note: These haiku aren’t ALL about me. Sometimes they are just sentiments I enjoy, events/situations I find amusing, or shit I think will impress people. In other words, stop worrying that I’m Atilla the Slut with a drinking problem and no wherewithal to feed and clothe myself, Mom! Now […]

Haiku for Adulthood #52-#56

Reasons I’d date you now: Prius. Vodka gimlets. And good at rhyming. _________ Related: Haiku for Adulthood #8 Haiku for Adulthood #7 Haiku for Adulthood #6 Haiku for Adulthood #5

Haiku for Adulthood #9