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This week I got a question at my Redeye advice column from a 17 year old, who had recently come out. “Please warm me of the complexities,” she said. I did. You can read that here. But while I was at it, I put the question on social media, since, […]

23 Takes on How to Be Queer: Advice for Young ...

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As an advice columnist, the most common question I get from queer women is some variation of this: “She did [some small gesture that could possibly be construed as flirtation]! Does that mean she likes me?” Examples of small, ambiguous gestures have included: Sharing a dessert with the same fork […]

Top 3 dating mistakes lesbians make

Writing essays is one of my absolute favorite things. It’s deeply personal and engaging and you can fit in all the weird stuff that defies categorization otherwise. And because I’m reading the excellent Best American Essays 2015 (Cheryl Strayed has an amazing piece about pants, of all things), I thought I’d do a […]

My Favorite Essays of the Year (and Beyond)

I recently celebrated my year anniversary giving advice to lady lovin’ ladies at After Ellen. I can’t believe it’s been a year already, and that it’s been almost four years since I’ve been an advice columnist, starting way back at Centerstage Chicago, where my first column addressed the very pressing […]

Happy Anniversary To Me

It was in your bed I finally grasped the value of destruction. ________ To write about one’s self is to go from subject to object, and back. ________ What I loved about you was—perversely—all I despised in myself. ________ You never called it making love—I was only yours for the […]

Haiku for Adulthood #37-#42