My Favorite Essays of the Year (and Beyond)


Writing essays is one of my absolute favorite things. It’s deeply personal and engaging and you can fit in all the weird stuff that defies categorization otherwise. And because I’m reading the excellent Best American Essays 2015 (Cheryl Strayed has an amazing piece about pants, of all things), I thought I’d do a roundup with some of my best essays this year, and beyond.


The only way to love a married woman

Ours was a love that hinged on possibility—the only way it could have worked was the distance that also made it possible.

I used to love the bride

I was a bridesmaid at my ex-fiancee’s wedding.

San Francisco turned me straight

Before I got to “bridesmaid” point, here are all the stupid things I did!

Dominatrix for a day

I got paid to watch my ex sodomize an older gentleman.


Virginity series, part 1

A born-again Christian jerked off to a Bible passage in my presence.

Virginity series, part 2

I learned all my moves from Cinemax and Teen Cosmo.

(Part 3 is going to be published shortly … but not on Alternet. Stay tuned!)

What happened at my first porn shoot

It involved a lot of breast milk.

I tried Cosmo’s lesbian sex tips

So you didn’t have to. I tried their straight tips, too!

Why it’s tough to be bisexual

Do we need a new label?

The Rumpus

Suppose I kept on singing love songs

My dad had cancer, part 1.

Lonesome was the blacktop

My dad had cancer, part 2. FYI: He’s fine now!

Sex as art

I went to an insemination ritual/art show with my ex-girlfriend.

Miscellaneous Vignettes

Love letters to San Francisco: Bernal Heights

Love letters to San Francisco: Coit Tower

Love letters to San Francisco: Twin Peaks

Love letters to San Francisco: The Sunset

Ear today, gone tomorrow

I’m half-deaf. Sometimes it’s funny.

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