Dear @nna

I started a social media etiquette column for SF Weekly that launched Thursday. I still manage to come off as slutty, even though I’m writing about sexism on Digg. Go me. I guess that’s my shtick though, so I should embrace my role as a “social media mistress.” Curiously enough, or rather not at all, this shtick sometimes leads to online propositions by dudes (and once by a chick, though it was so unintelligible, it almost reads as spam). To quote:

i will also like to know you  more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am.
Here is my email address [Redacted]
I believe we can move from here!

It’s mostly flattering, but occasionally there are dudes who, for whatever reason, take my ignoring them as a sign of encouragement and write to me over and over again. I blame every romantic comedy in existence for this behavior. And the disturbingly pervasive and rapey notion of no meaning yes. So yeah, I got hit on electronically recently by this dude, a friend of a Facebook friend. We’ve never met and have the slightest of possible connections, but thanks to the digital smorgasbord of social networking, he contacted me. Over the course of a few months, he asked me out three times. Three times I’ve ignored him. In the wake of this new social media column though, and the increasingly blurry line between online dating and social networking in general, this seems like such a teachable moment. So be on the lookout for THAT column. In the meantime, ask me questions! You can leave them in the comments or write to AskAnnaSF [at]

I should also probably mention that I hit on people all the time on Twitter and Facebook. I try really hard to not be creepy about it, but sometimes I wonder if I’m no better than the people I lambaste. #IHopeNot

Anyway, check out the column and tell me I’m not a dirty old man or something.


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