Like a ran-stone cowgirl 6

I was deleting old emails and came across this gem from OkCupid, written in May 2009. I felt I would be remiss not to share it with you:

how u doing ran-stone cowgirl ,,, dont fly outside ,,, u gonna get wet..i hope u have a good plans for this weekend.. if u dont i invite u somewere lol,,,maybe have a walk into the wood n i check u for

That is all.


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6 thoughts on “Like a ran-stone cowgirl

  • Theresa

    Oh geeze, if that doesn’t instill the ultimate romance, I don’t know what does!!!

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  • Jami

    Why does he think you can fly? And really… if you could fly, you’d HAVE to fly outside. Flying indoors is like throwing balls in the house — mama says, “DON’T!”

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  • Sharon

    Oh man. What proper grammar! No point in avoiding the outdoors when that just made me wet!

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  • Haley

    “I spend a lot of time thinking about
    ass n tits lol, but im really serious ”
    So… is he really serious about the ass n tits? Or does he like them but feels that he is really serious about other things? He doesn’t have a lot going for him, I really hope he has other things on his mind.

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  • Erin

    Fave line from profile:

    i dont read books cause i alway forget what i read

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