Haikus for Adulthood #10 3

Guest post by Lauren. Online dating edition.

Quickmatch: who likes me?
Choose between guy holding a
chicken, and a bear.


Best OkCupid
messages: “Your politics
suck.” “Wanna fuck me?”



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3 thoughts on “Haikus for Adulthood #10

  • Commenter

    What if it’s “Your politics suck THEREFORE I want to fuck you”

    You may remember who this is if you think back to Chicago life, Anna.

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  • krankiboy

    I’ve been inspired!
    My Cupid Haiku response.
    Hope you enjoy them.

    Why did they change it
    from stalker to visitor?
    Far less accurate.

    Seems mandatory
    Every girl lists Amelie
    Is it chick-film crack?

    “Prefer ambitious types.”
    Translation: My mission is…
    to blow rich douche bags.

    Could you please message
    with me for a month and then
    delete your profile?

    Bitter? Me? Oh no!
    I live for endless first dates.
    Awkward is sexy!

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  • anna Post author

    Rory! Your comment got sent to my spam filter. Perhaps due to the swearing. And thanks for bringing your fetish to my blog AGAIN 🙂

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