At least it wasn’t a bra? 4

In continuing my “weird things I see on my way to the bus” in Bernal Heights, I bring you:

A Body Shaping Nautilus Aerobics VHS tape resting on a barbed wire fence.

Ooh, maybe this was the universe’s way of responding to THIS.

Any guesses on what will be hanging from this fence next? Props for creativity and/or weirdness. If you’re close, I’ll write you a limerick.

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4 thoughts on “At least it wasn’t a bra?

  • Quell

    I’m guessing some sweet American apparel boy-undies.
    Mostly because I want some (though please not from wherever you find them if you do), and anything for a limerick.

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  • anna Post author

    If I really had a stalker leaving me exercise tapes, that’d be kind of amazing, mom. Let’s be honest.

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