Serious Concerns

Recent amusements. from the Renegade Craft Fair back in September. Seems like so long ago.

From Bi-Rite, where the bisexual is always right. I’m pretty sure that’s what that’s short for. And for more punny hilarity, go to That’s Punny.

These are all over my neighborhood:

I wish you could see the dog’s facial expression because he looks really concerned. Like his owner put a wig on his head, but he’s asking you to please not judge too harshly because he totally would’ve matched the wig to his complexion like a lot better if he had been IN the store, which he wasn’t because he was too busy pooping in your yard and feeling REALLY bad about it.

At the Walgreens, I bought microwave popcorn and the clerk told me I looked like a reporter. He probably wouldn’t have told me that if he’d seen me doing this about a minute earlier.

And now “butt lovers” is going to be the top search that brings people to my blog. I guess you can only go up from “dude vu anal” and “erectoral dysfnunction.” Whatever that is. Something political is what I’d guess.

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