Haiku for Adulthood #52-#56 2

Ed. Note: These haiku aren’t ALL about me. Sometimes they are just sentiments I enjoy, events/situations I find amusing, or shit I think will impress people. In other words, stop worrying that I’m Atilla the Slut with a drinking problem and no wherewithal to feed and clothe myself, Mom! Now that that’s taken care of, ONWARD.

Work picnic. Drank for

12 hours. See, Mom, I don’t

always drink alone!


“You smell like a bowling

alley.” Does that mean

you don’t want to make out?


Been single four months now.

Ate croutons for dinner.

There’s no connection.


What I wanna know,

Random Drug Dealer: Are these

“brownies” organic?


Dreamed about Twitter

again. Self-quote, plus the hashtag


(I pun in my sleep)



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