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Feministing posted a new installment of their Vintage Sexism ads, with some pretty hilarious photos and dating advice, such as “don’t sit in awkward positions” and “don’t talk while dancing, for when a man dances, he wants to dance.” Of course, the post’s author also notes that dating advice really […]

First date tips from a guitar-playing meerkat

It was bound to happen. Someone on Etsy created a freakishly armed, giraffe-necked pillow, excuse me, manllow, in the form of Twilight’s Edward Cullen. Why was it bound to happen? Because you can’t spoon a poster, my friends. The artist does seem to have a sense of humor about her […]

Edward Cullen: Half man, half pillow

I’ve been wanting to write about The Bachelor for a while now, excuse me, The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love! You know, the reality TV show where one man tries to find his future wife from a batch of 25 commercially screened supermodels. Writing about The Bachelor, however, would […]

I’m not here to make friends

Shana sent me this link to Go Fug Yourself and told me to enter the Fug Challenge, which was to write a couplet about this picture: These are my couplets. There are 174 comments already, some of them with multiple couplets, so I don’t think I stand a chance, but […]

A brief poem about Pamela Anderson

As in Edward James Olmos, duh. Would you rather boff: a mopey, castrated sparklevamp with only two facial expressions, pain and agony, OR a tough inner-city school teacher who helps his students pass AP Calculus and then goes on to encourage Jennifer Lopez to achieve her dreams as a Tejano […]

Team Edward

This Thanksgiving has been full of revelations. I learned that I can and will enthusiastically peel a pomegranate for two straight hours. I learned that as long as technology keeps evolving, people will also keep devising ways to have sex with it. I also learned that movie rental stores are […]

Taylor Lautner’s abs and other revelations