merkin for a living 3
I met Amanda Palmer last night, kind of, in a flurry that lasted about seven seconds. Amanda and her husband Neil Gaiman were on a short West Coast tour, performing a mash up of songs and readings, sometimes alone, sometimes together, sometimes alone but with the other adoringly watching. To […]

I’m from Twitter. Here’s a merkin.

Bay Area Rockers! Come watch me read embarrassing OkCupid messages in a flat, yet bewildered tone next Thursday, March 10th at Fivepoints Arthouse. Guest appearances by the ran-stone cowgirl dude, polyamorous-bear-my-children-and-do-my-data-entry dude, “check me out with the cops” dude, and many, many more. Short description: Celebrate heartbreak and hook-ups with […]

March 10th: Get Some Tale

Achievement of the Month: New high score in Doodle Jump! I hate myself. (It was by like 30,000 points though! That’s really high. For me.) _________ You kept the note I wrote you. It just said “Bam!” Me Tarzan. You impressed? _________ What I want inscribed on my tombstone when […]

Haiku for Adulthood #85 – #91

It was a big week for me last week. First, I got a marriage proposal on Twitter: Then, my interview with Nerve’s sex columnist Erin Bradley made it into the Top News slider at Mother Jones. This interview also started a war on Facebook, since apparently referencing Justin Bieber automatically […]

I’ve MADE it.

I somehow missed Janelle Monae‘s Grammy-nominated debut EP, Metropolis, Suite I: The Chase (perhaps because I’ve been too preoccupied sobbing over Glee songs), but I’m sure as hell not gonna miss her first full-length LP, The ArchAndroid, which comes out May 18th. Watch her hit single Tightrope and try to […]

Show me the Monae