Also, new Dear @nna column out today, appropriately on how to deal with people who self-promote too much. Ah hum. Excerpt: “The basic concept of self-promotion is that even if you’re uncomfortable blowing your own horn, you must at least let people know that you have one,” says Steve Balzac […]

I’m really obvious, apparently

Look: See? Who needs stability or regular sex or a functioning liver when you have a fucking snail validating you on the internet? NOT ME. Related: Haiku for Adulthood #52-#56 Dear @nna Google thinks I’m bad in bed Don’t tell me I can’t reference my songs within my songs

I’m fucking inspiring, please

If you search for “Denny’s” in Chicago, my name comes up. This post serves to further increase my online connection to the oft-visited diner of my youth (and by “youth” I mean, existence). The link is to ye olde Centerstage column, Meet Market Maven, where I’m pretty sure I mention […]

Grand Slam Thank You Ma’am

Searching for a reading chair on Craigslist has become something of a part-time job for me. Instead of monetary compensation, I am rewarded anew each day with posts like this: Finally, someone else shares the dream of being able to read AND shoot things from the same location! But what […]

The right to bear arms – chair edition