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I’m way behind in posting shit I wrote that’s not in blog-form, perhaps because I’ve been too consumed by lighting myself on fire on the internet. Alas (but not a lack), here’s what you missed

at SF Weekly:

at After Ellen:

  • How to help a girlfriend who has a gas problem and what to do when your partner treats you like her child.
  • Questions from Aussie readers about how to keep flirting under control when you have a partner, and how to enter into a trusting relationship when you’ve been abused.

at The Rumpus:

in unrelated, random news:

  • Three people posted this to my Facebook wall last week. THREE.

I’m also half-assedly updating this tumblr that Jami started, It’s Not Ok, OkCupid, where I post messages from people named Wind Candle and what-have-you. If you’re on tumblr, and feel like taking a tumbl with me occasionally, then by all means go to town.

More haiku/substantial posts coming soon. Probably. Oh and if you have stereotypes about bisexuals, leave them in the comments!

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One thought on “Merf.

  • Shana Rose

    where are all the bisexual stereotypes? it’s not so hard, is it? how about this one? bisexuals are never truly bisexual, they always prefer 1 sex a little more than the other.
    though, my last idea for our long dead bi-blog was: glitter. all bisexuals enjoy glitter.
    this bisexuals enjoys your flaming gif up there. nice work!

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