Haiku for Adulthood: Quickies 3


I’m used to the women

I date being straight, but

never straightforward.



I’ll never forget

our first meeting. You spoke to

my very soul: Hoooooooooooooonk!



It’s redundant to

say you’re gay and that you majored

in Theater Tech.


Plus, at AlterNet I tried to figure out why I’ve had so many threesomes. The comments aren’t nearly as wackadoo this time, unfortch.

And at SF Weekly, I tried to write a righteous “I hate Kindles” post, but since I’m bisexual, or “It’s because you’re Libra” as Lauren said, which isn’t really true (I’m on the cusp!) I see both sides, and knowing me, I’ll probably own an e-reader within the year. So, pot, kettle, blah de blah, just fucking read it.

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3 thoughts on “Haiku for Adulthood: Quickies

  • Lauren

    You’re right between Libra and Virgo, two signs notorious for waffling between decisions. It’s like being a triple bisexual.

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  • Michael L. Moore

    I’d love to do your chart–do you have your exact time and place of birth?

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