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Remember back in January when I said I would watch all of Colin Firth’s movies and that would have to suffice as a New Year’s Resolution? If not, read this. Well, as with ALL New Year’s Resolutions, I promptly forgot about that “goal” about a month later. It’s not that I gave up really, it’s just that Colin Firth has made 52 movies (not including TV appearances) and only about 12 of them are in video stores (which are rapidly disappearing). So I watched all the ones I could find, which were:

A Single Man – so touching. I highly recommend this one

Mamma Mia – this was the first time I ever wanted to stab Meryl Streep

Love Actually

Girl with a Pearl Earring

The Importance of Being Earnest

Bridget Jones’ Diary

Bridget Jones’ Diary ll – or whatever it was actually called

Shakespeare in Love

Pride and Prejudice

Circle of Friends

The Accidental Husband – Uma Thurman, what happened to you?

Apartment Zero – So, I didn’t know this was about a serial killer. For life reasons, I could not watch it.

Valmont – also known as the movie Cruel Intentions was trying to be…but with wigs! The sexiest scene from Valmont is where he’s helping this 15 year-old-girl (just try to ignore that, mmkay?) write a letter to her lover, but then decides to seduce her while he’s at it.

Aside from getting Netflix, which I can’t really afford right now, I don’t know what will happen to The Year of the Firth. Should I call it quits or continue on until glory is mine?


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5 thoughts on “Colin Firth seduces with his…pen

  • john

    treat the process like a coincidental scavenger hunt. if you happen to serendipitously run across one of the movies watch it.

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  • Deb

    I recently watched Importance of Being Earnest (free watch on Netflix) and he was utterly charming. You could do worse!

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  • Patrick

    I’m not a big fan of arbitrary goals to begin with. Why all the Colin Firth movies? What will happen if your do not see every movie? Will you be less of a resolution keeper? So what? If the goal of the resolution was to get to know the work of one actor, I say stop when enough is enough. Actually I say throw your TV away and commit to spending time outside. 🙂

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  • anna Post author

    that’s a much better resolution, pat! i agree. and no, the world won’t end if i don’t see all of colin firth’s movies. though it does make me feel like a “quitter” even if it’s quitting a meaningless task.

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