#252 I wasn’t born to follow rivers. I mistake clarity for ease. ______ #253 Sometimes we ate dinner in the Super Kmart. Each time was a “treat.” ______ #254 She said, “You are the girl I’m kind of in love with.” Kill ’em with kind ofs. ______ #255 I cried […]

Haiku for Adulthood: Self-flagellation edition

In the scintillant, predawn light of Sunday morning, October 10, 2010, our limbs were entwined, sweat gathered in the hollow of my lower back where she placed both her hands. She looked up at me in the dark, and in that look, a hundred stories, a perfect wordless unity. But […]


Because I can’t resist making haiku #69 a sex joke… “I juggle.” “Because you like to hold more than two balls at the same time?” __________ Tepid, compact. We said goodbye with professional detachment. _ It was the kind of kiss that would never betray us to each other. __________ […]

Haiku for Adulthood #69-#75