It's called, creatively, Hairy Underwear, and includes not just the above-pictured, but hairy chest tanks, hairy leg tights and armpit hair shirts that would make even a Yetti balk in embarrassment. I can say that because there was a three-year period in my early twenties where I didn't shave anything. Boy, was I empowered.

Merkin for a living

This morning, as I was eating breakfast and listening to music, I found myself inexplicably welling up with emotion, to the point of near-tears. Now, I wasn’t listening to the Free Haiti concert or Mariah Carey’s “One Sweet Day,” (stop judging me!) nothing that tends to elicit a negative emotional […]

Blaming hormones

Devastating news in this week's SF Weekly. It appears that single women can't find ANY men to date in San Francisco! A six-page spread was devoted to tackling this rare phenomenon, whose mystery somehow wasn't covered in any of the six seasons of Sex and the City or in the movie. It's gotten so bad that someone called in the "number 8 pick-up artist in the world" according to an online magazine called TSB (This is Surely Bullshit?) to come to San Francisco and help five of these spinsters-in-training to find love.

The He-cession strikes San Francisco

Feministing posted a new installment of their Vintage Sexism ads, with some pretty hilarious photos and dating advice, such as “don’t sit in awkward positions” and “don’t talk while dancing, for when a man dances, he wants to dance.” Of course, the post’s author also notes that dating advice really […]

First date tips from a guitar-playing meerkat

I’ve been wanting to write about The Bachelor for a while now, excuse me, The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love! You know, the reality TV show where one man tries to find his future wife from a batch of 25 commercially screened supermodels. Writing about The Bachelor, however, would […]

I’m not here to make friends

A lot* of people ask me why my blog is called Dude Sized Hands, or “Man Hands” if you’re an inattentive, but no less devoted, reader. Like most of life’s endeavors, it started with a conversation about fisting. My girlfriend and I were discussing (judging) a mutual friend who is […]

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