Job Spammed 2

Today I was offered a fake job doing “data-entry” by a fake company called Encore Media Solutions. If you google them, this is the first result that pops up:

I was suspicious immediately, considering I “got the job” without an interview and because they requested my checking account information. Also, a perk of doing 10-hrs a week of data-entry yields:

Annual Internships / Business trips to London and France branches

Clearly, this is the most lucrative data-entry job in the world! While a part of me is pissed at myself for applying to a money laundering mule job, (term lifted from bobbear) I’m also curious if there’s anything I can do to prevent other people from falling for it. The ad was from Craigslist, and I doubt it’s still up. Does anyone know of any actions I can take against “Encore Media Solutions” or the probably fake email address of

Anyone else been job spammed?

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