hot for teacher

Ellie does kapotasana, backbends for pros

of course two days after my early retirement from writing, i get a job offer. wtf, universe!

details forthcumming, but it will be in the vein of sex/relationships (not, however, on jesus butt plugs or utah’s obsession with online pornography…i think)

to celebrate, i’ve been listening to more kelly clarkson than is ironically acceptable and trying to catch up on the seemingly daily teacher sex scandals that keep popping up. come on, ladies – at least find someone with pubic hair! of course i can’t say i never had a teacher fantasy while growing up – a few years after i graduated high school, i admitted to a former teacher (who is SO gay and who i actually ran into at a gay male club) of my crush that i had on him and he said “Oh, honey, I knew.” both him and his boyfriend have the same first name, which seemed silly to me at the time but now i kind of like it. they’re like a sports team – The Scotts. they’re also both scottish, which is amazing on another level.

i never got crushes on teachers in college, except a smattering of TAs, possibly b/c the majority of them looked like academic versions of Gallagher or were old enough to reminisce about wooden nickels. yet the hotness of the teacher/student dynamic still pervades.

is that why i’m in love with a yoga teacher?

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