Valentine’s Day gifts that keep on giving – no, not herpes 1

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If, however, you are bored with the usual flowers and candy routine, then you might want to look into more creative ways to say “I love you” this year, especially since Hallmark hasn’t gotten around to making the “Thanks for funding my prescription drug habit” card (yet).

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One thought on “Valentine’s Day gifts that keep on giving – no, not herpes

  • ShanaRose

    So here’s a great story for you:

    The supervisor of my boss has been referring to our program as “Fundies” (an abbv. of Fundamentals) for about 3 years. My boss always hated it. Recently, another big-wig involved in the program discovered what fundies are. Said big-wig (a 60someodd year old female ex-surgeon) called supervisor and told her she must stop calling it fundies immediately, and told her what “fundies really are”.

    I think that is beyond awesome.

    (The title of this post tho: still not awesome.)

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