Two Thousand and WHINE

My last set of resolutions revolved mostly around travel and orgies, neither of which i was successful at. sometimes i feel i am the only one who has never participated in a circle jerk!

then i got to thinking that perhaps making resolutions ensures their utter failure. so this year i resolve to make no resolutions. suck on that, oprah magazine!

in lieu of resolving or relfecting, here’s an interesting piece of trivia i picked up while writing this week’s carnal consultant.

during the anti-masturbation movement, when doctors thought wanking off could cause anything from nerve damage to insanity, there were two ardent supporters named Will Keith Kellogg and Sylvester Graham. They believed that a bland diet would help promote sexual restraint. Thus, Kellogg’s Cornflakes and Graham Crackers were born.

isn’t that shit crazy? reflect on that…

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