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I am so unmotivated today, I couldn’t even post a Facebook status update about how unmotivated I am. Also, last night I went to a public insemination ritual / performance art show / orgy and I’m probably the only one in the world who thought bringing their ex to that […]

Insemination rituals and such

Conversation at a fundraiser last week, about working for Mother Jones: #83 “I’ve decided to stay on another year.” “So you hate money then.” ________ Related: Haiku for Adulthood #52-#56 Haiku for Adulthood #47-#51 The New York Times is my lover Haiku for Adulthood #4

Haiku for Adulthood: On Working for Nonprofits

You found my blog by searching “haiku for drunk sluts” – Christ, that delights me. ____________ Dear anonymous Googler, Please reveal yourself! And marry me. Love, Anna Other shit that happened this week: Over at SF Weekly, I wrote about when to stop texting and use your phone as a […]

Haiku for Adulthood #80 and writing and stuff

Things that happened to me this week, not organized very well, and with self-indulgent references to nothing! At SF Weekly, I gave advice on how to shame your friends into posting better Facebook comments. Then I said no one remembers who Henry David Thoreau is because he’s not on Twitter, […]

Okay fine, I’ve broken up with people via email

In my cubicle, there’s now a picture of me in my cubicle. ___________ Related: Haiku for Adulthood #2 Haiku for Adulthood What’s Dude Sized Hands? I dare you to NOT be enchanted by erectile dysfunction poetry

Haiku for Adulthood #3

It was a big week for me last week. First, I got a marriage proposal on Twitter: Then, my interview with Nerve’s sex columnist Erin Bradley made it into the Top News slider at Mother Jones. This interview also started a war on Facebook, since apparently referencing Justin Bieber automatically […]

I’ve MADE it.