Haiku for Adulthood: Melancholia 6

If this is your first time here, you should probably go read some funny haiku about lesbian scissoring. These are going to be really emo.


I’m so lost without

you. My heart’s percussion sits

in snare-like silence.



The bed, the books, the

rituals used to be ours —

Are now just hours.



First night in our house

I blissfully bruised my hips

on the hardwood floor.

You were so excited.

“Who needs a bed?” You said.

“I have this. And you.”



Everyone you

love will leave. Time forgives,

but never concedes.



How many times can

I cry over a crisis

of geography?



I tried to write it

down, but the better story

lives in your nearness.



There’s no stillness in

my heart. I will always love

you relentlessly.


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6 thoughts on “Haiku for Adulthood: Melancholia

  • Janie

    Totally love the emo ones–my closest friend would say they sound like me…

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  • Michael L. Moore

    It’s the sort of day that 199-204 push me close to tears. But any other day I will still find them beautifully poignant. I appreciate your gifts. mlmoore57 from Twitter.

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  • Janie

    I don’t think I’ve figured out how to love any other way than relentlessly.
    And that has made life very difficult and painful at times.

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