Video: Fifty Shades of Yay 4

It’s Banned Books week, motherfuckers! City Lights bookstore decided to celebrate by having local authors read from their favorite banned books. See the guy in the top right corner? That’s Sherman Alexie! Other writers included Michelle Tea, Stephen Elliott, and … me!

I opted not to read a classic, like Huck Finn or Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, instead choosing a book that, despite its popularity, seems to need a lot of defending. That book is Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, which was banned in libraries in three states this spring. Say what you will about the terrible writing, the prolific “Oh jeez’s” during the sex scenes, or the blatantly unfeminist messaging — I would probably agree with you. But I support people’s rights to read as much trashy erotica as they want. So please enjoy my (slightly long) video, which involves period sex. Oh jeez!

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4 thoughts on “Video: Fifty Shades of Yay

  • Skip Pulley

    I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you read that! I’m not sure what that says about me. I mean, I’m positive that book is rotting garbage, but I was happy to listen to you read it. In any case, bravo 🙂

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  • Theresa Geary

    Very interesting reading. I was happy that there are such things as readings from banned books. Did you actually get to meet Sherman Alexi in person???? Did you enjoy the other readings?

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  • anna Post author

    No, I didn’t even know he was in SF. I’m pretty sure he still lives in Washington. Alas!

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