the skeins that don’t sing your name anymore 5

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“This is the morning we find cruelty. The morning we find the lost metal. You ask what I want. I zip my coat against the violence of the question mark. You want to melt something. Do it. Give me the sting, sugar. I deserve it. Think you’re winning, think you’ve got the stone house on my glass foot? The morning stinks with ripening. Here is what I want. Cut my skin. Nick the red skeins that don’t sing your name anymore.”

One of the amazing poems from Lauren Eggert-Crowe’s latest zine, which you can buy for a mere $3.The whole zine is incredible. Lauren is a flamethrower. She writes urgently, with a lulling, succulent pulse that makes me want to cry or howl or do shots with the sun. Her poetry is a mercenary in a war-torn country of the heart. Go buy a copy right now!

In other news, my latest Hook Up column at AfterEllen is up, in case you missed it. This week was dealing with a lack of libido and how to come out as a bisexual polyamorous female. As always, send your dating questions to

And one last question: What do you do when you’re feeling uncreative, but want to be? How do you break the spell, basically.

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5 thoughts on “the skeins that don’t sing your name anymore

  • erica

    re: final creativity question: i try to do something that technically *creates* but doesn’t rely on actual creativity, ie cook something that doesn’t require new thought or ideas, plant things, put a new coat of paint on something, etc, and sometimes that gets things moving again past the simple act of mixing things in a pan or digging a hole, etc…sometimes it works.

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  • anna Post author

    Good ideas, Erica! I will go forth and dig a hole right now. Actually, the cooking suggestion I’ve found to be helpful. There’s something immensely satisfying about cooking, even though we rarely celebrate that.

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  • john

    don’t question your art too much. just write even if you don’t think it’s very good or if you don’t “feel” like writing.

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  • Lauren

    I really like Erica’s suggestion. I feel like I do that a lot too. I also sometimes just try to slog through the uncreative feelings and tell myself I’m doing good work anyway. I’ll have writing dates that will seem completely *off* and unproductive, but at least I’m getting words down. A lot of times it’s also as simple as choosing my outfit really carefully, because there’s creativity in that too.

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