sex stories

Did you know there’s a Literary Review award for Bad Sex in Fiction, with like a ceremony and everything? I didn’t, but I am proud to report that America WINS again! American author Jonathan Littell’s book, The Kindly Ones, took the prize this year, with such sparkling prose as this: […]

The World’s Worst Sex Writing Award

I got this idea from Glamour, the UK version, which is exactly like the American version except it’s not “seduce a hot guy in ten minutes or less” it’s “shag a hot bloke in ten kilometers or less, all while driving on the left side of the road” and I […]

Sex Stories: my sexual history in 100 words

On gayin’ it up at a Christian wedding and humorous ways that my girlfriend and I have been propositioned. My favorite remains, “I used to be a woman!” Check it out.

Queer comes the bride

Get your Freakend on: speed dating, white parties, bingo and more You may have missed the chance to break the world record for most people showering in one place at Six Flags yesterday, but there are still plenty of opportunities to get wet in the coming days and not just […]

new from Sex and the Windy City

The PR peep from reached out to me recently to interview the president of the site. Apparently Chicago is ranked 5th for online hook ups. Kileen, Texas is #6. Really? Though I suppose the song “All my exes live in Texas” was perhaps written for just such a reason. […]

you down with OBC? (yeah you know me)

of course two days after my early retirement from writing, i get a job offer. wtf, universe! details forthcumming, but it will be in the vein of sex/relationships (not, however, on jesus butt plugs or utah’s obsession with online pornography…i think) to celebrate, i’ve been listening to more kelly clarkson […]

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