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I want to dump my girlfriend because she’s poor.

How to ask for more foreplay: Is it too much to ask? Of course not, but you have to actually do the asking. I know, it seems weird to tell your boyfriend that sex should last longer than heating up a Hot Pocket, but well, stranger things have happened.

Coping with getting dumped. Plus, what is roller derby exactly?


The Hook Up, After Ellen

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How to deal with intense heartache.

Questions from Aussie readers about how to keep flirting under control when you have a partner, and how to enter into a trusting relationship when you’ve been abused.

How to deal with a friend that jokes about your sexuality. Also, how to give a lap dance.

Carnal Consultant, Centerstage


Long Schlong Gone Wrong?

There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain when it comes to servicing the cervix.

Shacking Up and Knowing Your Orgasms

Moving in with your luvah and the mysteries of the female orgasm revealed.

Man Being Manipulated

She asks for a commitment, then can’t bother to call; should he give her another chance?

You’ve Got A Friend In You

You don’t get to choose your relatives, but you do get to choose the friends you want to chitty chitty bang bang.

Triple Your Pleasure

Three can be a magic number for all-female couples, too; but how can you find that willing woman

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Answer Orgy
Anna tackles a ton of topics in her final column, including what not to do with that bottle of hot sauce.

Virtual Insanity
Does your date need a twittervention?

Hands-On Experience
Here’s to self-love in the new year.

Only for the Lonely
Anna cooks up some holiday haikus for those without a mate this season.

‘Tis the Season to Pine
Getting in the Christmas spirit should not include calls to your past loves.

Honesty Is Overrated
Withholding some information on the first date? That’s a no-brainer.

Clip of the Week
There’s no need to get snippety over vasectomies.

Operation One-Night Stand
On a man hunt? Let the Carnal Consultant draw you a map.

Relationship Re-runs
More often than not, getting back with an ex results in the same old storyline.

Gone Shootin’
Are you a whore for hormones? Let the Carnal Consultant tell you how to take it like a man.

Where’s the Beef?
Wanna know the best spots in Chicago for hook-ups? Let the Carnal Consultant hook you up.

Crash Test Dating
Life is a highway, and he wants to ride it all night long. But she thinks their relationship is turning into a major wreck.

Sticky Situation
Don’t let your man treat you like an ATM machine in bed.

Sex Life After Death
How to approach dating a widow.

Man Being Manipulated
She asks for a commitment, then can’t bother to call; should he give her another chance?

Sexual Politics
He loves Bush and she’s got a bleeding heart. Can they reach across the aisle so that they might one day walk down it?

Turn-On Tips
Not having as much sex as you’d like? These strategies might help get your man’s libido in gear.

Busy Signal
If your love interest can’t take the time to call you back, he’s probably not a keeper.

Speed Dating
Love doesn’t operate on a schedule, so you can’t necessarily go too fast.

Going Soft
Anna tackles a half-erection question.

Belly Busting
How to deal with an exhibitionist girlfriend.

Benefits Denied
Ready to hang up on that booty call? Here’s how.

Multiple Methods
There’s more than one way for girls to get to that happy place.

Show and Tell
Filling out a dating-site profile? Follow these rules.

Hotties with Herpes
Just because you have an STD, it doesn’t mean you’re off the market.

Seeking Some Quiet Time
Can someone be TOO loud in bed?

Analyze This
Want your girlfriend to unlock the back door? Here’s how to make it happen.

Where the Girls Are
On the prowl for a female friend? Anna’s got your hot spots.

Mouthing Off
Is 69ing a thing of the past and will insults land you a lady?

Spurting and Flirting
On jilling like a pro and the tricky business of dating your ex’s friend.

Perplexing Pals: A Friend with Benefits and Your Horny Ex
What to do when you’re falling for a friend and how to get your ex to stop hitting on your posse.

Guide to Internet Dating: The First Email
How to up your chances of getting a response when first reaching out to a potential love interest.

Get Him to Give it Up and Get Out of the House
A quicker route to the bedroom and dealing with an anti-social boyfriend.

Blog Blocking and Keeping a Straight Orgasm Face
Advice on dating a boy who blogs about you and what happens when you accidentally mock your boyfriend’s O-face.

Shtupping a Pro and Saying Those Three Little Words
On dating a sex worker and what to do if your girlfriend drops an L-bomb.

Your Neighbor Flashed You! Your Boyfriend’s a Prude!
What to do when your neighbor pulls a Britney and one girl’s mission to end the missionary position.

Porn Overkill and a Photo Feud
Is my girlfriend addicted to porn and is it okay to keep pics of your exes?

Roommate- and Ex-Sex
To bang or not to bang your roommate and how to negotiate sex with your ex.

Female Ejaculation and an Exercise for Intercourse
The Maven addresses an unusual sexual side effect and whether yoga will improve your sex life.

Meet-Market Maven’s Adventure
There’s more than one way to get to second base in Wrigleyville.

Passing on Group Sex and Sleeping with Your Cuz
How to talk your way out of a threesome (now there’s a first!) and where to draw the line with kissin’ cousins.

Cold Feet and Throwing Up on a First Date
Anna says whether or not to throw in the towel on marriage and what to do when you throw up on your date.

Talk Nerdy to Me
It’s a dating guide to getting your geek on!

Sniffing Out a Smell and Cyber Sex in the Flesh
What’s that smell? And how to take cyber flirting to the next level (i.e. into your pants).

Dealing with Exes and Dental Dams
What to do about a girl who won’t stop calling her ex and the ins and outs of safer sex.

Directions for Using Dildos and Dating Online
Go ahead; tell him to bend over or give internet dating a go. Our expert’s got tips for both.

Spilling about Sex and Meeting Women
The Maven gives advice on coming clean about your dating past and talking to women.

Ditching a Friend and an Earful of Inappropriate Info
How to break up with a friend and guidelines for dating multiple people.

A Broke Boyfriend and Passion for Your Pleasure
Anna Pulley tackles a clash over cash and what to do when your guy cares TOO much about your orgasm.

Eco-friendly Sex Toys and Rules for a Divorcee
Anna dishes on “green” vibrators and how to cope with post-divorce dating.

Expanding the Dating Pool and Finding a Gyno for Less
Meet-Market Maven tells a twentysomething how to get a little somethin’ somethin’ and answers a gyno-rmous dilemma.

Is He Gay and Can We Tackle Her Taste?
Anna Pulley answers a sexual-identity quandary and addresses how to sweeten an unpleasant odor.

Hairy Pits and Tips for Gay Teens
Centerstage’s Anna Pulley on love, sex, dating and everything in between.

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