DSL: The Return 2

Remember our jolly friend, the one who desperately needed to win this cruise? Well, she’s back and just as miserable and protrude-y as ever. I hope GNC starts using this chick as the spokesmodel for everything they sell. Whey protein. Steroids. Colonics.  I would totally buy an enema from her.

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2 thoughts on “DSL: The Return

  • monsterzero

    At least this time she’s tilting her head to the other side. Wouldn’t want her to get a stiff neck.

    Is there something weird about her hairline? It’s like she’s a mannequin and her wig’s sliding off.

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  • Jami

    now i feel like i’ve GOT to go find her listing on istockphoto. super crazy that two businesses in the same are are using the same picture.

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