A while back, a guy wrote in to my advice column, wondering how often anal sex led to pregnancy. My answer ended with a limerick: I once met a dude on the ‘net, who wrote to me very upset. When you ride the caboose and some sperm is knocked loose, a […]

Dating and sex advice in limerick form

I tweeted this admittedly kind of creepy, but hardly pornographic, face-torso picture of a painting the other night, and yfrog, Twitter’s photo hosting website, REMOVED IT. Really? This is the picture. Did it really deserve to be censored?

Why, frog?

I pulled a muscle in my ribs/back from laughing too hard. This was almost three weeks ago. Then, my mom had the brilliant idea that I should ask one of my undoubtedly many druggie friends for a muscle relaxer. The first person I asked had some, of course. So I […]

Never laughing again

From the MySpace Vault, with new additions added for posterity: These are all first messages sent to me from random folks on OkCupid. I post them (mostly) without comment. I don’t post them to be callous, but to provide an anthropological glimpse of what women deal with on these kinds […]


What the hell is up with San Francisco pronouncing things whatever way they feel like? Examples: San Franciscans: ValenCHA Everyone else in the world: Valencia San Franciscans: San Raf-ELL Everyone else in the world: San Rafael San Franciscans: Actual spelling – Vallejo. Pronounced – Valay-ho Everyone else in the world: […]

Welcome to Sen Frankiscaw

My blog post “Is Auto-Tune Killing Pop Music?” somehow garnered over 20,000 page views in two days. It’s also in the “most read” sidebar on Mother Jones’ homepage. I’m not really sure why, but color me elated. I think it may have been the Jay-Z pun. You tell me? __ […]

Was it the pun?