you down with OBC? (yeah you know me) 2

The PR peep from reached out to me recently to interview the president of the site. Apparently Chicago is ranked 5th for online hook ups. Kileen, Texas is #6. Really? Though I suppose the song “All my exes live in Texas” was perhaps written for just such a reason. Especially since Houston is #2. I haven’t actually looked at the site yet b/c I’m too often on my work computer and don’t cock shots seem inevitable on such a website?

Anyhoodle, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for questions to ask in this interview. So far, all I have is, “So this is an NSA interview, right?” which has continued to crack ME up for four days running! But, really, what would YOU want to know about such a site?

Why it exists? Why it’s better/worse than Craigslist?
Are there really MORE casual hook ups, or is it just more readily available now that we have the internet?
Would you join? why/why not?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “you down with OBC? (yeah you know me)

  • ShanaRose

    here’s mine: “Be honest, do any women use the site?”
    “What, was “ taken?” and
    “Know anyone worthwhile? I have single friends.”

    “I’m mostly kidding on that last one.”

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  • pulley-whipped is TOTALLY a website. I just looked it up. Of course it’s porn. Perhaps you should be my guinea pig and try the site out 🙂 I’ll buy you a drink if you do

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