Yes We Cam! 2

I was doing my daily perusal of education blogs today and one of them for some reason had the puppy cam that I’ve been hearing so much about.

Do I have to tell you that I spent at least 5 minutes watching it, trance-like, hoping that my coworkers would walk by so that I might share this joy with them? After I realized that the cute little leg twitching thing of one of the sleeping pups was not really going to get more interesting, I looked to the right and saw the stream of comments from whoever the hell is participating in this “chat group.” Below is an excerpt of the scintillating conversations that ensued.

12:05 ShibaGirl55 : shibas are great city dogs

12:05 akuaku : big lap dog, really

12:05 airedale_mommy : I have an airedale terrier….she’s hilarious

12:05 kithenry-1 : border collie lives here

12:05 OscarPup : I have a basenji/rhodesian ridegback mix

12:05 soupcans : aww my neighbor has a wonderful great dane

12:05 hannah88 : cairn terrier =)

12:05 salfaa : thats funny

12:06 luxe : my sister’s in NY… she cant go out in the snow without shoes

12:06 ashbub : Where is hoomans…we need to see moooreee

12:06 luxe : i thought that was a bit ridick

12:06 soupcans : i used to have a cairn! they’re a lot of fun

12:06 SFShiba-1 : CARROT!

12:06 salfaa : these puppies are boring

12:06 ShibaGirl55 : however mine love to go for long walks at the state parks

12:06 salfaa : lol

12:06 defenceman101 : woah were did that come from

12:06 ShySimplicity : pumpkin turned carrot?

12:06 sundriedrain : the carrot is so cute ^^

12:06 soupcans : yeah, pretty much

12:06 sundriedrain : (blues fan here)

I especially like the one whose sister refuses to walk barefoot in the snow. What a rebel! But livestream sites like this got me thinking about just how many sites exist to distract cubicle-goers like myself from working more than 10 minutes at a time. For all it’s usefulness, is the internet really just a global way to waste time? For me, I’m starting to think … Oh! The puppy just squeaked!

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2 thoughts on “Yes We Cam!

  • ShanaRose

    that chat! omg, the long lost life of chat rooms. “hey everyone! 16/f here! age/sex?”

    you’re hilarious 🙂

    (p.s. today’s catchpa: nacruat)

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  • pulley-whipped

    i never really got into the chat room phenom. once, for a summer, but i got tired of being asked to “cyber” by old men.

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