Easy Trapezey 9

My friend Jami bought me a Groupon gift to Trapeze Arts in Oakland — I’m still not entirely sure why. Did I express not having enough outlets in which to kill myself on a day-to-day basis? Truth be told, ever since I got hit by a car, I’ve been afraid of just about everything that moved faster than the Earth’s rotation, which is why it took me six months to use the Groupon in the first place. But! I did yesterday. And it was amazing.

I took Ellie since she still, for some reason, agrees to do pretty much everything I ask her to do, even if it involves public insemination or signing liability waivers. This is the same gal who once screamed at me for spinning our cart too fast on the tea cup ride at Wisconsin Dells. She’s also deathly afraid of heights. (Sidenote: I don’t know why I have so few friends). Anyway, she ended up having a great time, totally conquering her fears, and lived to write about her experience.

Lately, I’ve been feeling really glum, that I will never be anything but mediocre no matter how hard I try, how much I write, how often I do yoga, etc. I consider myself a positive person generally, so these insecurities don’t often last long, but I felt another spell coming on right before our trip to Trapeze Arts. This did not do wonders for my willingness to strap on a rib-girdle and fling myself 50-feet through the air, if you can imagine. Along with my nagging insecurities, however, I also (and I don’t know if this is a strength or a flaw) respond really well to people who command me to do things.

Buy me a drink.

Edit this story.

Have sex with me and my boyfriend.

Let go of the swing.

OkayOkayOkay. I don’t know if I’m a pushover or if sometimes I just need an extra push, but in an hour and a half, I went from total novice to catching someone’s arms midair. The trainer said I was a natural, and it was exactly what I needed to kick my malaise in the balls. So, huzzah for that. Watch a short video of my trapeze debut below. But I’ll also leave you with a quote from Buddha:

The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.

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9 thoughts on “Easy Trapezey

  • erica

    i think there was a sex and the city episode where carrie took a trapeze lesson and wrote about it as a metaphor for life, except not this well…so i think that means you’re way more than mediocre. at least to me.

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  • anna Post author

    @Erica: There were several Sex and the City references made during our trapeze lesson! Also, Carrie was right (about both the swing and relationships) – it’s really hard to let go.

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  • Kristina Rizga

    I almost peed my pants just watching the “hands off” part. so inspiring!

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  • ShanaRose

    Well now I have to write one of my not yet patented love letters to you and share something.
    Ever since last fall, when your freelance body of work really started gaining steam from your still kinda new home, I’ve been watching in awe over here. And, god, I’ve been missing you. I think it’s a combination of wanting to bask in the glow of your successes, live vicariously through your adventures, and of course talk about sex, literature, and puns. When you posted the Dear Sugars, you opened up my world again. When you posted the Dear Sugar about a writer feeling jealousy it stuck on me like sap. It has been reminder to feel happy for anyone’s successes, especially if they work as hard as you do. A reminder that we all feel lack luster and jealous sometimes. A reminder that, though our paths have diverged in a pretty huge way, I can still lean on you in my mind. Even if I’m not “really” leaning and even when I question my own worth…
    Comment shmomment, I’m writing you a letter.
    Also, please email me your address, I have a pun to mail you.
    And finally, a push for my own sake, make a skype date with me.

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  • Lauren

    You are on fire! I am so in awe of you. You’re an inspiration and I totally want to try trapezing with you!

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  • Jami

    It was you CHRISTMAS gift, silly. Not just some rando’ gifto.

    And I’m really glad it bolstered you. You really are something incredible, Anner.

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  • anna Post author

    It wasn’t the gift itself that was weird, but the circus arts component. Did we ever talk about that? And obvs I appreciated!

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  • Jami

    Uhh, no… I was just browing Groupon, saw that they offered them in SF and then saw that and my ADHD took control from there. 😀

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