In May of 2008, I wrote in my journal that my goal for the year was to go to India with Ellie. It took me a few extra years, but here I am in Mysore. The circumstances, of course, turned out to be wildly different, but that’s India too. Have […]

Boy, Am Mysore

I just finished this quirky book, The Chairs Are Where The People Go, by Misha Glouberman and Sheila Heti. It’s basically Glouberman’s thoughts on topics he’s interested in. There’s a chapter on spam filters, for instance. There are chapters on monogamy, smoking, how to arrange the chairs at events, and […]

The Invisible Struggle

Whenever I tell someone I do yoga 5-6 times a week, the response is invariably, “That’s crazy.” I’ve wondered if other people get this reaction, like marathon runners, say, or anyone doing something they’re passionate about that happens to involve a daily commitment. No one seems to attach the “crazy” […]

The Practice

Maybe I’m inordinately pervy, but when I first glanced at this Groupon deal for “fancy fortune cookies” I, uh, saw something else. In other news, last week I said that whoever guessed the next weird thing I’d find in Bernal Heights would get a limerick. And Ellie guessed a teddy […]

Suggestive fortune cookies

My friend Jami bought me a Groupon gift to Trapeze Arts in Oakland — I’m still not entirely sure why. Did I express not having enough outlets in which to kill myself on a day-to-day basis? Truth be told, ever since I got hit by a car, I’ve been afraid […]

Easy Trapezey

Tony George/Flickr #170 I face all my fears in yoga: Falling, flying, farting in public. __________ #171 You pray with altars, talismans, reverence. I pray with my body. __________ (and because it’s been a while) #2 Still drunk this morning at yoga. Oh, I feel so strong and limber…bleeaauuuugh. __________

Haiku for Adulthood: Yoga for Winners