Michael Zheng, of make-out marathon fame, was kind enough to give me some video footage of his performance. And I know you perverts want to watch it. So, here’s a short clip. If you haven’t already, go read my Bay Citizen piece about it, and sexy performance art in general. […]

Kiss and Tell

Part of the important work of Queer and Women’s Studies departments is unearthing and reclaiming the queer content, characters and themes of works of art and artists from the boring, un-fabulous relics of straightness. Some of these artists/works have included Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde, Julius Caesar, Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, King […]

Shakespeare, what have you wrought?

This is a hilariously horrifying video about masturbation. It also seems to imply that this kid is masturbating to his mother at the end. WTF. Just, wow.

creepy sex ed video from the 70s