Also, new Dear @nna column out today, appropriately on how to deal with people who self-promote too much. Ah hum. Excerpt: “The basic concept of self-promotion is that even if you’re uncomfortable blowing your own horn, you must at least let people know that you have one,” says Steve Balzac […]

I’m really obvious, apparently

sacred vagina 4
While some of us spend mid-March puking green beer or watching college basketball, the Japanese worship gigantic phalluses instead. How’s that different, you ask? To which I would reply, no, they literally worship penises AND vaginas. Says Jonathan Adams of the Global Post: It may sound like a sophomoric gag. […]

March Madness

The internets are all a-twitter about Robert Pattinson’s quote in Details Magazine in reference to his hatred for lady bits. And I quote, “I really hate vaginas. I’m allergic to vagina.” During his photo shoot, R Pattz was forced to be around several scantily-clad women for twelve hours. What a […]

R Pattz hates your lady bits

If you search for “Denny’s” in Chicago, my name comes up. This post serves to further increase my online connection to the oft-visited diner of my youth (and by “youth” I mean, existence). The link is to ye olde Centerstage column, Meet Market Maven, where I’m pretty sure I mention […]

Grand Slam Thank You Ma’am

The Frisky has a pretty good list of 11 Girl on Girl Misconceptions, including the oft-aggravating “it’s just a phase” line and the fact that no one quite knows how scissoring got picked up as a lezzie sex move in porn. Though I could’ve done without all the “Puhleases!”and “Roars!” […]

Misconceptions About Lesbians

The plot of Twilight: New Moon, as told by LOLcats Smile like you’re dead inside Boing Boing’s Charitable Gift Giving Guide Plush alligators with vaginas Things I actually DID write/invent this week for, who did not hire me, but did compliment me on my “enthusiasm,” which is just as […]

Things I wish I had written/invented