Today I was offered a fake job doing “data-entry” by a fake company called Encore Media Solutions. If you google them, this is the first result that pops up: I was suspicious immediately, considering I “got the job” without an interview and because they requested my checking account information. Also, […]

Job Spammed

The plot of Twilight: New Moon, as told by LOLcats Smile like you’re dead inside Boing Boing’s Charitable Gift Giving Guide Plush alligators with vaginas Things I actually DID write/invent this week for Lunch.com, who did not hire me, but did compliment me on my “enthusiasm,” which is just as […]

Things I wish I had written/invented

It occurred to me, about a half second after I hit send on an electronic application to a REAL job dealing with small children, that my other life as an unabashed sex columnist and general smut enthusiast could very well color my chances in other areas of employment, especially the […]

How to get a professional job

of course two days after my early retirement from writing, i get a job offer. wtf, universe! details forthcumming, but it will be in the vein of sex/relationships (not, however, on jesus butt plugs or utah’s obsession with online pornography…i think) to celebrate, i’ve been listening to more kelly clarkson […]

hot for teacher

My little experiment as an Examiner is almost over and can be filed in the “lessons learned in 2009” folder that I would make if I wasn’t so bad at filing things and/or learning lessons. After a little over a month and 17 articles written, I’m still waiting to be […]

well, that was a disaster

my name is not difficult to spell. pee-you-el-el-ee-why. it’s in the dictionary, having something to do with pulling things and shit. there are no hidden vowels, gratuitous consonants or tongue gymnastics involved in its pronunciation. yet, increasingly, my name has been subject to a series of spelling abominations that make […]

a rose by any other name is probably anne putley