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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I know this because of the dozens of marketing emails I’ve gotten recently, with long subject headings and lots of punctuation, such as, “Lesbian Authors’ Reveal Sex Secrets to Married Men in New Book Available Today!” and “Exquisite Mouthwatering Food is The Key to […]

"you are SO getting some tonight."

From Jezebel: Scott James of the New York Times reports that 50% of the 556 male couples in a San Francisco State University study “have sex outside their relationships, with the knowledge and approval of their partners.” Quote of the day: …part of the fight for gay marriage involves convincing […]

is non-monogamy hurting the same-sex movement?

The exercise-by-hand-job trend lives! This time the hilarity comes from Easy Curves, where a woman in a white lab coat tells us how “university research” has proven that you CAN get huge boobs if you’d only stroke this light saber for five minutes a day! The weirdest part of this […]

"Exercise" your way to bigger boobs

A dating site called Beautiful People, where current members rate your attractiveness to determine whether you’re allowed to join, recently purged 5,000 members for supposedly gaining weight over the holidays. “Every year we see that some of our members from Western cultures eat and drink to excess over the holidays, […]

Dating site kicks off "fatties" to garner media attention

Men’s Fitness has an ingenious guide for making a woman orgasm, or as they call it, “giving her the big one,” which is, essentially, to make her do it herself. Encourage Her to Touch—Herself “Take her hand and gently guide it to her clitoris. Clitoral stimulation during sex will significantly […]

Secrets of the Female Orgasm Revealed!

People who live in Chicago, tomorrow is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (December 17th) and the Sex Workers Outreach Project is hosting an event: We look forward to seeing everyone at tomorrow night’s International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Event at barbara&barbara gallery starting […]

End Violence Against Sex Workers