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Bay Area Rockers! Come watch me read embarrassing OkCupid messages in a flat, yet bewildered tone next Thursday, March 10th at Fivepoints Arthouse. Guest appearances by the ran-stone cowgirl dude, polyamorous-bear-my-children-and-do-my-data-entry dude, “check me out with the cops” dude, and many, many more. Short description: Celebrate heartbreak and hook-ups with […]

March 10th: Get Some Tale

Thoughts on the Folsom Street Fair, SF’s homage to kink and BDSM and sexual expression. San Francisco has corrupted me. I see old man cock and think, “meh.” ___________ Know what would be truly shocking, San Francisco? Clothes. Shoes do not count. ___________ “How was the fair?” “It was fine.” […]

Haiku for Adulthood #43-#46

What the hell is up with San Francisco pronouncing things whatever way they feel like? Examples: San Franciscans: ValenCHA Everyone else in the world: Valencia San Franciscans: San Raf-ELL Everyone else in the world: San Rafael San Franciscans: Actual spelling – Vallejo. Pronounced – Valay-ho Everyone else in the world: […]

Welcome to Sen Frankiscaw

(This has nothing to do with anything, i just liked it. Photo by: kufrik) Lauren:  how’s the parking by your house? me:  awesome Lauren:  it is? like, there’s lots of it? me: why wouldn’t you believe me? Lauren:  lol i’ve just never heard parking described as “awesome” me:  well la […]

Don’t make me do long division

From Jezebel: Scott James of the New York Times reports that 50% of the 556 male couples in a San Francisco State University study “have sex outside their relationships, with the knowledge and approval of their partners.” Quote of the day: …part of the fight for gay marriage involves convincing […]

is non-monogamy hurting the same-sex movement?