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In case you missed it, here’s a video of me reading terrible OkCupid messages at the Hazel 3 reading series and playing with my hair too much. Want more? Follow It’s Not Ok, OkCupid on Tumblr. Big ups to Evan Karp of Quiet Lightning fame for being a kickass videographer […]

VIDEO: It’s Not Ok, OkCupid

  Read Panchakarma Part 1 here if you missed it. Whenever people would ask me why I was going to India and I would say “yoga,” there’d often be this pause, like they were waiting for me to say something else, something about temples or enlightenment or The Beatles. If this […]

Panchakarma Part 2: My Sadist

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I met Amanda Palmer last night, kind of, in a flurry that lasted about seven seconds. Amanda and her husband Neil Gaiman were on a short West Coast tour, performing a mash up of songs and readings, sometimes alone, sometimes together, sometimes alone but with the other adoringly watching. To […]

I’m from Twitter. Here’s a merkin.

In continuing my “weird things I see on my way to the bus” in Bernal Heights, I bring you: A Body Shaping Nautilus Aerobics VHS tape resting on a barbed wire fence. Ooh, maybe this was the universe’s way of responding to THIS. Any guesses on what will be hanging […]

At least it wasn’t a bra?

This Monday, April 25th, I’m reading something gay at Tales of the Sissy, which will cost you zero gay dollars. Something about orgies, probably. You come! From the event page: This cost-free evening of literary delights is sponsored by Aorta Magazine, and features the linguistic geniuses Jen Currin, Meliza Bañales, […]

Tales of the Sissy

I used to get ads for diet pills and raging gay lady parties in places like southern Florida, but now THIS. Way to diminish my queer cred, Facebook. Or is this just par for the course for any girl around the age of 30? Let us also take a moment […]

Facebook Wants Me To Be Pregnant