#247 Someday I’ll meet a girl good enough to take home to my vibrator. __________ #248 If you’re a girl who’s vagitarian, all dating is masturdating. __________ #249 Lesbianism in 8 words: “I can’t date you, but here’s a poem.” __________ #250 At the lez sex party, the biggest bed held […]

Haiku for Adulthood: Masturdating

This Monday, April 25th, I’m reading something gay at Tales of the Sissy, which will cost you zero gay dollars. Something about orgies, probably. You come! From the event page: This cost-free evening of literary delights is sponsored by Aorta Magazine, and features the linguistic geniuses Jen Currin, Meliza Bañales, […]

Tales of the Sissy

My life, as written by Susan Sontag circa 1958: “The only transformation that interests me is a total transformation — however minute. I want the encounter with a person or a work of art to change everything.” “On Keeping a Journal. Superficial to understand the journal as just a receptacle […]

The New York Times is my lover

On gayin’ it up at a Christian wedding and humorous ways that my girlfriend and I have been propositioned. My favorite remains, “I used to be a woman!” Check it out.

Queer comes the bride

Check out a review of Holly Hughes’ performance, courtesy of Ammie: Back when I was a babydyke and still in the “everything queer is automatically awesome” stage, I bought my then-girlfriend a copy of Holly Hughes’ Clit Notes: A Sapphic Sampler, which is a collection of the lesbian performance artist’s […]

Holly Hughes preaches to the perverted at Northwestern

I’ve been reviewing a bunch of (mostly terrible) lesbian movies for this year’s queer film fest, Reeling. You can read them here and here. I’m a masochist, so watching these movies is something of a ritual for me, though this year’s film selections are leaving me pretty hard-up for nice […]

speaking of gay…