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To steal an expression from The Bloggess, here’s the shit I did when I wasn’t here this week: On AfterEllen, I taught a young dyke how to be a slut, the respectful way. I also answered a question about how to go from “creepy eye contact” to love. Check it […]

Then there were two

My blog post “Is Auto-Tune Killing Pop Music?” somehow garnered over 20,000 page views in two days. It’s also in the “most read” sidebar on Mother Jones’ homepage. I’m not really sure why, but color me elated. I think it may have been the Jay-Z pun. You tell me? __ […]

Was it the pun?

Today is Boobquake day, folks. What is that? Well you’ll just have to mosey on over to Mother Jones to find out. As if you needed another incentive besides “boobs” being in the title. Excerpt: Boobquake has taken the Internet by storm (pun unintended), flooding (sorry!) Twitter with pictures of […]

World destroyed by boobs?

Check out my post at MoJo about a wacky press release that says mirdles, hair mascara and charm anklets are the key to picking up chicks. Excerpt: 2. If you’re a genius at talking the talk, lure her in by wearing a bright “notice-me” watch that says you are always […]

Seduction tips for pick-up artists

Check out my first Mother Jones blog post, on photo editor Mark Murrmann. Mark Murrmann on Punk, Politics and Shooting from the Hip Internet fame is sure to follow.

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