I applied to be a “funny horoscope writer” today, which required a sample horoscope for a Leo, which is funny because one of the first songs I ever wrote was called “horrorscope” and it was about being madly in love with a Leo. It had the words, “If you asked […]

Off the charts – a made-up astrological reading for Leos

I just found out through my fellow pundit that everyone’s favorite photo pun blog, That’s Punny, is now available for The Kindle. So technically, I’m an “author” on Amazon. Here are a few of the puns I’ve “authored” Et tu, Bootay? and could anyone forget poor Britney Rears If you’d […]

One step closer to internet acclaim

The amazing Raven Moore, who runs a website called The WriterBabe Series: a blog for the professionally curious, interviewed me recently about sex, freelance writing and Mario Lopez. We met years ago, humorously enough, at a Singles Night sponsored by the Chicago Reader, even though we weren’t members and nearly […]

WriterBabe Interview

I was doing my daily perusal of education blogs today and one of them for some reason had the puppy cam that I’ve been hearing so much about. Do I have to tell you that I spent at least 5 minutes watching it, trance-like, hoping that my coworkers would walk […]

Yes We Cam!