Forgive the delay in this gripping series of enemas and ghee drinking shenanigans. Since I got back from India, I’ve been swamped trying to catch up with life and bills and the consumption of fried cheeselike things. I’ve also been hobnobbing with Dan Savage (by hobnobbing I mean we talked […]

Panchakarma Part 3: Ashtanga, India, and Masochism

  Read Panchakarma Part 1 here if you missed it. Whenever people would ask me why I was going to India and I would say “yoga,” there’d often be this pause, like they were waiting for me to say something else, something about temples or enlightenment or The Beatles. If this […]

Panchakarma Part 2: My Sadist

It was on the fourth day that they started threatening enemas. The preceding three days of my panchakarma cleanse at Dixit Health Clinic were spent mostly chillaxing on the rooftop balcony and drinking increasingly larger doses of ghee, aka clarified butter. This process is known as oleation, which sounds nice, doesn’t it? Like […]

Panchakarma Part 1: Are you shitting me?

I missed Sugar/Cheryl Strayed‘s coming out party, due to a misfortune of geography, but thanks to Facebook, I feel like I was there. Plus, Wendy MacNaughton illustrated the evening. And my dear friends Pocket Full of Rye performed (Tucson represent!). Sugar answered my letter a few months back, and I made […]

On knowing better

An friend and I were g-chatting recently, and she asked why I haven’t written about India. I told her I would, but the truth is, I have been writing about it, just not in a creepy Eat Pray Love way. If you’ve read my columns recently (those fancy images in the sidebar […]

You must change your life

In May of 2008, I wrote in my journal that my goal for the year was to go to India with Ellie. It took me a few extra years, but here I am in Mysore. The circumstances, of course, turned out to be wildly different, but that’s India too. Have […]

Boy, Am Mysore