In 1972, two lesbian friends, Mary Ellen Cunha and Peggy Forster, bought Twin Peaks Tavern on the corner of Market and Castro streets. “The girls,” as they were known, didn’t realize that the act of opening a gay bar with windows would be a historic act. At the time of its unveiling, being […]

Love Letters to San Francisco: Twin Peaks

I have a new essay up on Salon. It’s about my breakup with Ellie (Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly write anymore on the topic!), but mostly it’s about love and transition and the ways that love gets shifted around as we grow and change. I was talking with […]

The Minimalist Guide to Moving On

I used to get ads for diet pills and raging gay lady parties in places like southern Florida, but now THIS. Way to diminish my queer cred, Facebook. Or is this just par for the course for any girl around the age of 30? Let us also take a moment […]

Facebook Wants Me To Be Pregnant

All the cute dykes I see turn out to be pre-teen boys. What does that mean? Don’t answer that, actually.

Haiku for Adulthood #102

Gay marriage edition Prop 8 overturned! Tie some cans to my Chevy! Oh fuck, nevermind. ________ Related: Haiku for Adulthood #5 Haiku for Adulthood #4 Haiku for Adulthood #3 Haiku for Adulthood #2

Haiku for Adulthood #6

“You mean you don’t clench your vagina?” This is my girlfriend, schooling me in the ways of faking orgasms, a subject I thought I was well-versed in. I am, after all, one of the 48-72% of women who have faked it at some point in their lives. I’ve seen the […]

Do Lesbians Fake It?