These are some of the haiku I read at the Lit Crawl Muni Haiku Battle, which was super fun, even though (spoiler) I lost! You can read about it at Muni Diaries or watch a video recap below. Some of these won’t make much sense if you don’t live in […]

Haiku for Adulthood: Lit Crawl Muni Battle (Video)

#279 Of course I read Cunt. Painting with my menstrual blood was transformative! _________ #280 Girl,  I would love to help you move that modular couch from IKEA. _________ #281 Cold? Here take my micro-fleece vest. I only wear it ironically. _________ #282 Have you reconciled your identity with race and class privilege? _________ #283 […]

Haiku for Adulthood: Lesbian Pick-up Lines

I’m really going to confuse people with that title. Sorry, porn searchers. Watch me tell the harrowing tale of my first strap-on sex experience at Bawdy Storytelling’s Girl-On-Girl night.

VIDEO: My first strap-on sex

#223 Faith is knowing I’ve already lost you, and loving you anyway. _________ #224 It’s true–I crave your scapegoats. Such sting makes the present feel effortless. _________ #225 Some days, it seems the only appreciation comes from men in cars. _________ #226 Dear hot girls on OkCupid: You still have […]

Haiku for Adulthood: Here we go again

Tony George/Flickr #170 I face all my fears in yoga: Falling, flying, farting in public. __________ #171 You pray with altars, talismans, reverence. I pray with my body. __________ (and because it’s been a while) #2 Still drunk this morning at yoga. Oh, I feel so strong and limber…bleeaauuuugh. __________

Haiku for Adulthood: Yoga for Winners