I used to get ads for diet pills and raging gay lady parties in places like southern Florida, but now THIS. Way to diminish my queer cred, Facebook. Or is this just par for the course for any girl around the age of 30? Let us also take a moment […]

Facebook Wants Me To Be Pregnant

#141 I want to hold you like parentheses, for once nothing between us. ________ #142 Skype sex? Can’t you masturbate to my Facebook photos like usual? ________ #143 First time for everything: rejected by a spirit animal? (p.s. Tumbl with me!) ________

Haiku for Adulthood: (<3)

For Lauren and Randall. Your poking, to me, is an inestimable ocean of truth in this vast puddle of disquiet otherwise known as the internet. How about we take this Facebook “poking” to the next level: Stabbing. ___________ I try not to poke you back, but eventually I always cave. […]

Haiku for Adulthood #103

I used to write a lot of quazi-academic-y blogs on MySpace (of all places). I deleted that account when it was decided that Facebook would reign supreme in social media, but I kept the blogs. I’ve been re-reading them lately and getting excited about books and sex and queer movies. […]

Sex, Violence, and the Eradication of Self

Also, new Dear @nna column out today, appropriately on how to deal with people who self-promote too much. Ah hum. Excerpt: “The basic concept of self-promotion is that even if you’re uncomfortable blowing your own horn, you must at least let people know that you have one,” says Steve Balzac […]

I’m really obvious, apparently

Glamour Shots, 1994 – Back story HERE There’s no reason to post that picture of me as a twelve-year-old Texan prostitute here, I’ve just been listening to a lot of Katy Perry and the ridiculousness of that I felt should match this blog post. Shit that happened this week: At […]

You requisite a crumpet to accompany?